Often, the reason we love a photo is because we love the memory attached to it.
That's why it's so important to me that you have an incredible experience, in front of the camera.


Meet Ashley

and revolutionize your self-love journey

embrace a new outlook

connect with your inner self

As soon as you step foot into my studio, I'll meet you​​​​​​​ with compassion and encouragement. And I'll calmly support you on your journey toward body positivity and self-acceptance with verbal affirmations, self-love exercises, and photos that celebrate your most confident self.

In other words, we'll connect and I'll put your fears at ease so you can enjoy every minute of this experience.

express yourself freely

Here, you can


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: ​​​​​​​While the photos may be for them, this experience is for you.

Teaching you how to use boudoir as a tool in your self-care arsenal is the heartbeat of this experience. That's why we'll discuss ways to feel confident and sexy in your daily life, and talk through realistic ideas to integrate self-care into your routine.

In the end, you'll walk away​​​​​​​ with incredible photos and a renewed sense of confidence.

than looking sexy

Here, it's more


Having photographed more than a thousand women since 2011, I am an expert in aligning your comfort level and my creative vision.

Prior to boudoir photography, I studied​​​​​​​ photography, psychology, and art therapy. I learned the language to clearly guide facial expressions without them looking or feeling awkward.​​​​​​ And I know how to mirror movements and direct with confidence thanks to my prior experience as a pole dance instructor.​​​​​​​

So, combining my prior experience with my personable approach, you​​​​​​​ can feel confident that I'll guide you every step of the way.

expert care

Here, you're in



I went from being conservative about what I showed during the session because of my own body insecurities - to being willing to be naked and not feeling weird about it. I never saw myself in the way those images portrayed me.

it was eye opening.

And it's an honor to be a part of so many transformations.

While I can't guarantee a boudoir session will magically erase those feelings for everyone who steps in front of my camera, I know that witnessing a more empowered version of yourself is a key step toward healing and self-love.

By advocating for myself and others, radically shifting my mindset, and creating a lifestyle focused on overall wellness, I began to see myself in a new light - as the strong, creative, and empathic woman that I really am.​​

Through the years, I've battled my own inner critic, my self-doubt, and my fear. And as a result, I often took on the expectations of others, seeing myself as both too much yet simultaneously not enough. After years of toning myself down to fit in, I finally had enough. 

I haven't always been this confident.



Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley


I almost cancelled a bunch of times because I just did not think I could do it. Every time I got in my head, you were a step ahead of me and offering me a complement or a boost. You never made me feel uncomfortable and you were so excited!


Eastern Pennsylvania Boudoir Photography

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One of my favorite phrases! Aside from repeating it to keep my anxieties at bay in day-to-day life, I often find myself saying "Keep it simple, sister!" as I encourage clients to keep their session focused on THEMSELVES and not the props or costumes they're using​​​​​​​.

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Keep it simple, sister

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Throughout my own self-love journey, I've found healing and peace through the concept of the Divine Feminine. Associated with intuition, collaboration, nurturance​​​​​​​, and creativity, you'll find these values shape my approach to every session.

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Witchy woman

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While creating my boutique portrait studio, I knew that I wanted to craft an experience for women that would feel like an achievable, uncomplicated luxury. So, I was searching for a name that resonated with that idea - while still feeling a little flirty. Simply Lush has been the perfect fit!

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Why Simply Lush?

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While boudoir is one of my favorite tools to celebrate the dimension and diversity of women, I recognize that different stages of self-love resonate with different healing tools. That's why I also offer women's-only healing retreats, self-confidence coaching, a master class on identifying your core values and purpose, and mentoring to aspiring photographers.

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Multifaceted magician

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I have captured the stories of more than a thousand women



This is an experience, about being in your body
and seeing yourself, possibly for the first time.

 It is emotional, empowering, and
overall an amazing experience