instead of hiding any perceived flaws?


Discover how I do it below.

Self-love can feel like a revolution.
And that's a cause I can get behind.

Instead of capturing a fantasy version of you, we'll showcase your true self through natural, emotive images. Here, I offer a luxurious boudoir experience that focuses on celebrating you and your unique energy - not dramatic sets, flashy clothing, or themed props.

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Here, my goal is to celebrate every woman exactly as she is. ​​​​​​​That's why I have a minimal approach to retouching.
Instead of heavily manipulating body shape, I'll use posing and light to maximize your favorite aspects of yourself. And I'll retouch skin by evening out tan lines, blending bug bites, and removing any temporary blemishes such as acne or a bruise. This way, you look like the most badass version of your real self! 

instead of alter


Editing to Enhance


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Throughout the session, I will expertly adapt the poses and movements to match your vision and comfort level. So, instead of worrying about your facial expressions or where to place your hands, you'll have the freedom to simply enjoy the experience while I guide you to look your best from every angle.

If you prefer to minimize the focus on certain areas, I will skillfully pose you to complement your preferences. On the other hand, if you're open to embracing your unique features, I'll gently encourage you in that direction too. And I'll show you the back of the camera as we go so you can see the beauty of our collaboration in real-time.

from head-to-toe

Expert Posing


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To let your guard down, you'll need a space that feels safe. And a photographer who will ensure you feel seen, heard, and understood. That's why my studio is an uplifting sanctuary for all.

Here, you'll have the space all to yourself. My studio has privacy film on all windows and will remain locked throughout our session to ensure you can let your guard down, fully immerse yourself in this self-love experience and unapologetically embrace your most confident self.

(and private!) environment

A Positive


I frequently look at the album whenever I’m feeling self conscious. 
Because the woman in the photos is confident, strong, and sexy as hell! 

I felt amazing after the session

Same Day Service

At Simply Lush, you won't have to wait weeks to see your photos. Here, you have the option to see your images within an hour of your session. We'll start off with a custom slideshow to view all of your images. Then, you'll select your favorites and finalize your product order so you can revisit this new level of confidence over and over again.

Pricing starts at 1500. Most clients invest an average of 3000-4500. Flexible payment plans available. Inquire now to get started designing your custom boudoir experience!

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boudoir photos are a beautiful tool on your personal journey toward

self-love, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

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When I saw my photos for the first time, I wanted to cry. Not in a bad way but the way I thought I never could of looked the way I did in my photos. My insecurities didn't disappear but made me realize I'm beautiful just the way I am. It opened my eyes to a whole new me