Can Pregnant Boudoir Help You Admire Your Changing Body?

Pregnancy is an amazing time in a woman’s life. Your body is changing and adapting to accommodate your growing baby. Some days you may feel like you are absolutely glowing, and others you may feel self-conscious about your new curves. Whether you are pregnant or not, every woman deserves to feel beautiful and confident in her own skin. Boudoir photography can help you do just that.

Pregnant boudoir is a unique experience that can help you document and celebrate your changing body. It is an opportunity to step out of the everyday hustle and bustle and take some time for yourself. Best of all, it is a chance to see yourself through fresh eyes. Who doesn’t want that?

First things first, why have a pregnant boudoir session?

“I wanted to experience a gorgeous photography session highlighting the growing human inside me,” Miss J told us. “Of course, I was nervous beforehand, but I wanted to surprise my partner with an amazing gift (mostly because she’d never expect me to do this). She believes pregnant women look stunning naked and expressed how incredible I will look. Despite the excitement, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t feel ‘heavy’ and terrified when I walked in the door.

My biggest fear, though, was that I would look ridiculous and have no photos to choose from.

Obviously, we can see that didn’t happen. And, I think, because Ashley being who she is, made me feel at home and eased me into believing in myself. So, instead of feeling like I looked ridiculous, I left feeling so confident, powerful, and vulnerable in the best way. On top of that, I felt proud of how beautiful I am during this journey in my life.

It is hands down the most incredible and powerful experience I have ever been apart of!

The experience was perfect. There was no rush and it was so thoughtful from start to finish. I would (and already did) share how thrilling the entire session was. Truly, there was no way to improve upon what I experienced during my session at Simply Lush.”

If you’re on the fence about booking a session, let’s recap why pregnant boudoir is worth it. First of all, it’s a unique experience that you likely won’t have again, and it’s also a chance to document and celebrate your changing body. Not only that but it’s an opportunity to take some needed time for yourself before the baby arrives; And, best of all, it is a chance to regain intimacy with yourself and your body (as well as your partner). If those reasons don’t convince you, consider this: Pregnant boudoir photos make amazing baby announcements, too! If you’re ready to book your session or want more information, follow the link below.

Blog written by Amber Cianflone

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I’ve had two sessions with Ashley and each time I met a new version of myself.
They were absolutely beautiful and captured the essence of who I am.